Influence of Soret and Radial Magnetic Field on Natural Convection of a Chemically Reactive Fluid in an Upright Porous Annulus




Natural convection, Chemically reactive fluid, Soret effect, Radial magnetic field, Vertical permeable annulus, Semi-analytical approach


Mass fluxes produced by temperature gradients is known as the Soret or thermal-diffusion effect and this effect can be very crucial in the appearance of strong density difference in the flow premises. This article therefore explores the analytical solutions of natural convection of a chemical reacting fluid in the involvement of Soret and radial magnetic field in an annular upstanding permeable zone within concentric cylinders’ r = 1 and r = b. The non-linear formulated equations that govern the flow are resolved by a semi-analytical approach. The consequences of the numerous governing controlling parameters embedded in the formulated model is thoroughly described with the use of illustrative plots. It is noteworthy to report that raising the levels of Frank–Kamenetskii, sustentation, and thermo-diffusion parameters increases fluid velocity whereas reducing the radial magnetic field effect weakens the fluid flow. Additionally, it is significant to report that the sheer stress on the annular walls can be effectively regulated by applying appropriate values of magnetic number. In conclusion, the variations of the key parameters in this study can be used more effectively to control heat transfer and fluid flow using an annular geometry. This study can find relevance in geothermal power generation, drilling activities, space vehicles technology and nuclear power plants etc.


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Ojemeri, G., Hamza, M. M., Tambuwal, B. H., Bello, I., & Shuaibu, A. (2023). Influence of Soret and Radial Magnetic Field on Natural Convection of a Chemically Reactive Fluid in an Upright Porous Annulus. UMYU Scientifica, 2(3), 108–120.

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